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Our Mission: from design to warehouse

With more than 20 years experience in the industry, Multi Way is a shower products manufacturer that offers you a one-stop solution. From research and design, to delivering high quality products, all at a competitive price.

Our western-valued Hong Kong-based team have long lasting experience with clients from Europe and America. We understand what you need and can definitely fulfill them – by ensuring effective communication with you and delivering on your objectives.

We understand that choosing a manufacturer is not a light decision, but a partnership with us will be rewarding. By collaborating with us, we will offer you the best service possible, by working together towards the best solution for your needs in order to maximize the growth of your venture.

Discover our wide range of products, including bath screens, shower doors, shower enclosures, back walls, and even acrylic shower trays.

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maximizing efficiency

Our Key Manufacturing Principles


All of our products go through a vigorous quality control process, ensuring that they satisfy both our own and our customer’s quality and safety standards.


Without sacrificing the quality of our products, we strive to minimize your costs by streamlining our manufacturing process using an ERP system.


We understand on-time delivery is of upmost importance to our clients. Our streamlined manufacturing process ensures these crucial deadlines are always met.


We take care of the environment as much as we take care of your products. Minimizing waste, energy usage and pollution are all key parts of our business model.


your partnership with us

Producing Our Products

with Excellent Quality

From the moment we receive your inquiry, our excellent team starts a collaborative effort to serve your requirements.

From assessing and sampling the product, to delivery and post sales customer service, we understand the experience can be quite enduring for some clients. You would be assigned to one of our sales assistants, who will come to understand your needs thoroughly. This way, we can ensure your experience can be as straightforward as possible.

  • Compliance with ISO 9001

  • Approval to label CE marking

  • Meets local environment regulations
  • Streamlined process using ERP system
  • Socially accountable

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Our FAST Internal Culture

We value our employees as much as we value our clients, as people are always the cornerstones of a successful business.


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Trustworthy experiences

Our Projects

We have worked on multiple projects in America, the United Kingdom, European Union, Japan, and many other countries. Our experienced research and design team can customize a product according to your requirements, and we can manufacture your designs to a high quality.

Top Quality

Custom manufactured products that blends in with your project.

Client Centered

Tailored solution from design, quantity to logistics

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