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Custom designs.
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Our Partnership

Whether it’s a project or OEM manufacturing in mind, we’re here to help

It doesn’t matter what type of project you have in mind, or even the size of your project. We are happy to work with clients with all kinds of needs and grow our businesses together.

Find out below on some of the ways we’ve been able to accommodate our client’s needs.

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Living in apartment has made Avada a pro at decorating spaces

Every day you are asked to embrace change; to adapt and evolve with growing demands on your time and talent. We are, frankly, blown away by you — the makers, the dreamers, and the every-day grind-it-out doers. So we wanted to empower you with jewelry inspired by the way you dynamically respond to all the changes in your life.

Making your logistics hassle-free

Keeping Stock For Clients

There are many reasons why you’d like to keep some of your inventory at our factory, we can ship pre-made products at your request.

Fused Stock System

Save your manpower by having a fused stock system with us. We will automatically ship products when your stock falls below a set threshold.

Adjusting your solution according to your budget

Optimized Solution

There might be things that are more important for your business than others. Talk to us and we’ll come up with an optimized solution for your business.

Flexible Quantities

We understand that how much you order might change depending on the market. Tell us more about your plan and we can work together.

Experienced team providing you with support

Custom Designs

If what you have in mind is a project, our designers can custom design a product that fits the style of the bathroom.

Custom Lead Time

We might be able to offer speeding up our manufacturing process, expediting the sampling and design procedures, or even prioritizing your shipment, if you have an urgent deadline to meet. Talk to us and we’ll try our best to help.

The possibilities in our partnership is endless.

The options above are just a glimpse into what we might be able to offer. Discuss the problem you’re facing now with our sales assistants and we can work for a customized solution together.

* Some of these options might not be available during the peak season. But rest assured we will always try our best to accommodate your situation.